Will there be a major deepfake scandal in the 2024 US presidential campaign?
Nov 6

For the purpose of this "major deepfake scandal" is defined as a deepfake (1) created with the apparent aim of influencing the election, (2) that reaches at least 100k voters, (3) and is conclusively debunked, but which many people nonetheless believe, as reported by mainstream news media

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As a point of comparison, the deep fake audio robocalls recently spoofing Biden in advance of the NH primaries are estimated to have reached up to 25k voters.

Note the NH AG has identified at least 2 voter-suppression suspects in TX (Life Corporation and Walter Monk)


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What are you counting as a deepfake here, is it any AI assisted fake of a major person? For example, would that AI Pope picture of him in the puffy coat count as a deepfake, or are you more specifically referring to the instances of putting one persons face/voice onto a scene acted out by other people?

(Aforementioned drippy pope)

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