Will Humanity Obstruct the Sun before 2030?

We have the technology to block the sun.

Global Warming is predicted to cause mass dessertification over the next century causing social upheaval. Many of these affected countries have ballistic technology which could in theory be used to obstruct the sun.

Part Geo Engineering or supervillan plan it is within our abilities.

Solar energy is the cheapest and best technology right now for the west and decarbonization. It would be a shame if Putin, Elon, or China nukes the sky to slow climate change and basically fuck solar energy markets.

Market will resolve yes if geoengineering projects in the sky at a large scale have verified negative affects against solar panels.

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"Market will resolve yes if geoengineering projects in the sky at a large scale have verified negative affects against solar panels."

I assume this means nontrivial? To more than a tiny degree?

Каждый день мы работаем над тем, чтобы выпустить как можно больше метана. Вы все глупы, если думаете, что можете что-то контролировать. 😎

man, irl, Dark Storm would probably have been a calculated compromise plan that genuinely extended the lifespan of humanity that nobody was particularly enthusiastic about, the director really wanted us to hate humanity for some reason.

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https://www.politico.com/news/2023/07/01/white-house-cautiously-opens-door-to-study-blocking-suns-rays-to-slow-global-warming-ee-00104513. Wow so the story is picking up mainstream as the US is hit with bad weather this week. Maybe I should make more climate change markets.

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Unless the prolog of The Ministry for the Future happens irl, this will not happen on such a short time frame.

What counts as "blocking the sun"? Would a large umbrella count?

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@MartinRandall a large enough umbrella totally would

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@42irrationalist What would the minimum size umbrella that qualifies for this market be?

@MartinRandall is 100 football-field sized rolls of saran wrap placed at lagrange point L1 a large umbrella?

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@makoyass this guy engineers

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I think solar geoengineering on a large scale is unlikely to happen soon, given the complex geopolitical issues around it.

attach additional drooling wojack here / hope Greta sees this bro

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@Gigacasting Have you checked solar prices and the return? In regards to decarbonization?

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What did they mean by this

TIL Tesla, SolarCity did global warming

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