Will someone actually “dim the sun” by 2035?

Ben James proposes in his recent article “Someone is going to dim the sun, and it will be soon.” that either a desperate nation state or a wealthy individual will use Sulfur or another component for “Solar Radiation Management (SRM)” in an attempt to cool the planet. James suggests that this will happen within the next 10 years (and likely without public consent).

Article: https://climate.benjames.io/someone-is-going-to-dim-the-sun/

Do you agree?

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Would be nice to have a defined scale for this question. Does Make Sunsets putting a couple grams of SO2 in a weather balloon count?

@pyrylium this market will resolve in the spirit of the article. It’s a „yes“ if a nation or individual will end up spraying sulfur or a similar component into the stratosphere at large scale with the express intent of cooling the planet by at least 1 degree centigrade. Significantly smaller amounts or another purpose than geoengineering will not be considered.

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