Will there be an AI CEO by 2040?

If a Fortune 500 company lists an AI or an AI-run entity as its CEO I will resolve YES. If the company is run by an AI with no obvious human counterpart, I will resolve YES.

It won't count if the company also has a human CEO.

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It seems like the most likely outcome is that the legal CEO is a human but the de facto decision making is made by an AI.

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YES, because there are already existing AI CEOs with great results and KPIs that could launch them to be part of the Fortune 500.

Considering there are examples like previous comments where NetDragon had an increase of 18.2% in stock price after installing an AI CEO (The Hustle) and also a drinks company in Poland reported an 'AI CEO' called Mika who has been labeled as 'bold' and 'revolutionary' (India Times). According to McKinsey, AI could add $4.4 trillion annually to corporate profits

Now, consider factors like whether having an AI CEO is moral, if it is efficient, or if there are going to be complaints about lack of empathy or other human traits AI can't replicate. Determining if an AI CEO will be better than a Human one would be difficult. 

NetDragon Websoft — a Hong Kong-based online gaming firm with $2.1B in annual revenue — appointed a CEO to helm its flagship subsidiary.

The new chief, Tang Yu, was responsible for all of the typical duties of a company figurehead: reviewing high-level analytics, making leadership decisions, assessing risks, and fostering an efficient workplace. 

She worked 24/7, didn’t sleep, and was compensated $0 per year.

But there was a catch: Yu wasn’t a human. She was a virtual robot powered by artificial intelligence.

So far, having an AI CEO hasn’t had any catastrophic consequences for NetDragon Websoft

Yo wtf.

How does this resolve if the Fortune 500 no longer exists? I guess NO, according to the resolution text?


In 30 years, the world's best CEO will be a ROBOT claims billionaire Alibaba founder Jack Ma

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