What kind of cars will be most sold in 2035?
Normal combustion engine cars
Normal EVs
Self-driving EVs (only non-flying)
Flying cars

This market resolves based on the number of car sales globally in 2035.

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bought Ṁ10 Self-driving EVs (on... NO

I've made some similar markets:

bought Ṁ11 Normal EVs NO

Are these options intended to be mutually exclusive? Do self-driving EVs count as non-normal, for instance?

@Tulip yes, mutually exclusive

Flying cars
bought Ṁ100 Flying cars NO

Sorry but… the whole flying car idea is plain stupid

new vehicles only, or also counting used car sales?

@ManifoldMonkey new vehicles

bought Ṁ10 Normal combustion en... NO

How will PHEVs (Plugin Hybrid EVs) be classified? Will their sales be lumped in with EVs or with "Normal combustion engines"?

@DanHomerick together with EVs

bought Ṁ10 Normal EVs YES

Do self driving cars require (if applicable) the purchased license for self driving or just that the car could enable the feature?

@Abraxas good point. In order to qualify as self driving cars, it requires that the car is actually self driving (not just that it has the possibilty to enable the feature in the future). Both licenses that are bought or rented qualify. (In the case of rented licences, we'd calculate an average of the licenses throughout the year). Does it make sense?

You’re missing an option for ‘Self-flying combustion engine cars’ 🤡

@snazzlePop if the car is flying, it counts as flying car, regardless of their engine or whether they self drive.