Will Elon Musk buy Twitter this year?
resolved Oct 28

Resolves YES if an offer to take Twitter private led by Elon Musk succeeds before the end of 2022. (It is not necessary that Musk provide a majority of the capital.)

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Well color me surprised.

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Deal just closed: https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2022/10/27/twitter-elon-musk/ "Elon Musk took control of Twitter late Thursday as his $44 billion deal to takeover the company closed."

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@v = ML

❌ hand-coded to trade against you

❌ using admin permissions to cheat

❌ rigging platform to steal from you

Make the platform less sh*tty instead of incenting user slippage and then front-running your own database

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https://www.wsj.com/articles/banks-begin-to-fund-13-billion-in-debt-backing-elon-musks-twitter-takeover-11666824554 "Elon Musk’s Twitter Takeover Close at Hand as Banks Begin to Turn Over $13 Billion of Cash"

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@v = not bot

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@v Making trades sandwiched between @jack's trades 🤔
Very Suspicious!

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Before insider-bot:


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@v ❤️ users

Bounties offered for taking out --

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Elon musk enters the Twitter headquarters carrying a sink!

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Regime censors him for daring to criticize their foreign policy follies—and saves him ten billion

Or deal goes through and can no longer control public thought as easily.

As with the hysterical “don’t let him buy it” “force him to buy it” reversal. Two ways to win for Elon, no ways to lose.

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We're 10 days out from the deadline for the deal to close or else the trial will resume. Made a shorter-term market here:

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I see you, @Pepe.

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we really ought to show +subsidy in the comments, perhaps with a shiny background if it's a big subsidy

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melon husk

people were pretty confident it would happen earlier this year too so I think 88% is too high. I'd give it ~70% odds

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Cha ching.

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The chance that musk weasles out again is being underpriced.

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@CalebMoore Looking like a pretty good take right now.

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Thanks. These ai things are neat.

Elon musk burning in hell

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