Will Elon Musk attempt to sell Twitter before its collapse?

For this market to work I'll have to lay out some rules.

Although there is no "indication" of the collapse of twitter, the recent changes and not paying for cloud services is funny. This could possibly indicate things aren't that healthy over at twitter hq.

For the market to resolve yes:

There must be no indication of a twitter shutdown/collapse/end of services announced. Rumors picked up by articles are not sufficient to satisfy this. It must be announced by the company itself and then picked up by news sources.

Elon Musk must make a serious and public attempt to sell the company. This would involve finding a prospective buyer, negotiating, and then entering the process to legally transfer ownership. Because these are legally complex, Ultimately I'm looking for a serious intention to sell the company and have a serious buyer on the other side.

NOTE: If there is no buyer in negotiations, then I do not consider the selling attempt serious. It has to be priced and offered to another party that is interested/engaged. Otherwise, he'd just be "looking into it!"

For this market to resolve no:

Twitter announces it's collapse and the yes condition is not met.

This market, although fairly straightforward, has room for ambiguity. I am more than happy to clarify in the comments.

Ultimately will be resolved by my judgement. Market closes in 2040 or when the conditions are met.

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