Will an AI be able to keep us laughing out loud by 2028?

Inspired by this Tweet: https://twitter.com/gfodor/status/1720506726129266888

Follow up indicates the claim 'it might never happen.' Well, then.

This resolves to YES if there is an AI capable of providing sustained stand-up comedy levels of laughing for at least a few minutes with >50% of those who give it a shot, as evaluated by the at-the-time best available-easily-to-me casual polling mechanism if the answer is not obvious.

This resolves to NO if this does not happen by the closing date.

A curated output of AI, such as a comedy special, will count if and only if the curation process of the content presented is AI-or-mechanistically directed.

AI cannot be pulling from a fixed set of curated material, but can be given an initial configuration and set of instructions.

Standard Zvi house rules, including early resolution rules apply if this is trading near certainty, apply.

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