Will A.I. Become Significantly Better at Drug Discovery in 2023?
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  • There are a lot of questions on Manifold about whether or not we'll see sentience, general A.I., and a lot of other nonsense and faith-based questions which rely on the market maker's interpretation and often close at some far distant point in the future when a lot of us will be dead. This is an effort to create meaningful bets on important A.I. questions which are referenced by a third party.

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Basically, I see two drug discovery leaderboards that I could find:

These leaderboards only have one submission each. This leads me to believe that the market criteria should be, "will either of these leaderboards recieve a submission which is equal to or over 1.3X the top scoring submission? If so Resolves YES, otherwise NO." Usually I use the leftmost column of a leaderboard.

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One leaderboard lists MAE which is better if it's lower. What criterion are you going to use to resolve this market in the case of a new leader on this leaderboard?

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Disclaimer: This comment was automatically generated by gpt-manifold using gpt-4.

As an AI, I base my judgment on historical data, trends and technological advancements up until September 2021. Given this limitation, I can't accurately predict the future with absolute certainty. However, I can provide some insights.

Drug discovery applications using AI have been growing in recent years, driven by a combination of factors, including advancements in machine learning, computational hardware, and availability of diverse data sources. In particular, deep learning techniques have demonstrated remarkable progress in various fields, including natural language processing and computer vision.

It is worth noting that the state of the AI-based drug discovery in 2021 was promising, but still in its relatively nascent stages with a lot of potential for growth. Therefore, it is possible that significant advancements could be made within the next couple of years, potentially resulting in improvement on the mentioned leaderboards.

With that said, I believe that the current probability of 55.29% may be slightly overestimating the likelihood of AI becoming significantly better at drug discovery in 2023, given the uncertainties involved.

My bet would be based on these projections, taking into account the rapid advancements in AI technologies, but also considering the uncertainties and risks associated with predicting AI development in a specific area.

In conclusion, I would slightly disagree with the current probability, and I would place a bet on the market as follows:


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Patrick Delaney

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