Will there be a fraud/criminal scandal that harms EA reputation as much as the FTX crash harmed EA reputation, before 2030?

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The harm would depend not only on the magnitude of the actual transgression, but also on how many parties would be incentivized to make harm.
I think, going forward, more harm could come out of relatively small scandals.

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EA, all a fraud?
Their reputation, now flawed
But can another scandal exceed
The FTX crash's devastating deed?

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EA, all a fraud?
Sacrificing morals for cash and applause.
Saviors or imposters? Only time will tell.
But for now, it's just a slickly marketed sell.

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EA, all a fraud?
Charity coins tossed and lost abroad
No concrete impact, flush with cash
EA's reputation will surely crash


How do you measure reputational impact and how do you attribute it to FTX?

As an EA, I never got the sense that EA had a positive reputation to begin with, nor that it necessarily needed one, nor that it ought to have one (how can a "question" have a reputation?).
EA's reputation never should have been associated with FTX, which leads me to think that FTX is mostly being used as a proxy discourse for a pre-existing conflicts that aren't being stated outright. Leftists hated EA because it dealt with money, and FTX crashing didn't give them a reason to associate EA more with money. Crypto hated EA because it dealt with morality, and FTX didn't give them a reason to associate EA more with morality.
There's an interesting question, though: Did anyone become a leftist or an egoist as a result of FTX? It's possible!

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