Will EA community deploy and actively use a DAO by 2027?

Will resolve yes, if a DAO explicitly linked to effective altruism, and 10+ users who are registered on the EA forum who have 200+ karma will have interacted with it in any way

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With voting weight determined by mana won on crucial markets right? 😏

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With "a board of anonymous trustees [that] is almost impossible to find and kill" and "permissive action links all the way down to the handgun" ... right? ..

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Not explicitly linked to EA but definitely related, I'm sure they run in the same circles. It's a stablecoin with the goal of raising money for GiveDirectly.

@RomanHauksson I haven’t given this a ton of research but searching “ dao site:https://www.glodollar.org/“ doesn’t turn up any evidence it’s a DAO itself

@MatthewRitter Ah, you're right.


It would be great to see the emergence of philanthropy DAOs, social DAOs and grant DAOs to contribute to making the world a better place. But even today, it is already possible for other crypto DAOs to get involved in philanthropy with the Glo Dollar

Glo is a stablecoin that empowers crypto DAOs to donate to charity without reducing the value of their treasuries.

Have there been any EA-focused attempts so far, given that the popularity of DAOs peaked a few years ago? If not, does anyone know why not? The case for YES seems to be "it's definitely not that difficult" but the case for NO is "What will make it more attractive in the future than it's been so far?"

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@MatthewRitter There has been an unsuccessful one.

There is an ongoing fresh attempt by another person

In the near future, I believe crypto going to become much more mainstream through convenience and advances in regulation, and DAO going to seem a much more natural endeavor.