Will Anthropic, before 2035, pause development as a result of safety evaluations?

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I don't see a clear difference between a pause and a delay. If the company doesn't ship a product launch for 6 months to do safety improvements, is that a pause or not? And if it's not, then what is?

@BenPace They would need to pause training not just product launches. I will probably resolve this as "YES" if they claim to be doing so

@MrMagnolia In a sense, it's natural to pause training, like the pause between when GPT-4 finished training and when OpenAI started training the next generation. Does it qualify if Anthropic pauses for the usual reason but claims it is for safety reasons?

@causal_agency If they claim it is for safety reasons and there's no smoking gun establishing this as false, I will resolve this as YES

When will this resolve NO?

@koadma I guess the closing date on January 1, 2050

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