Will the US government take control of Anthropic or its major technologies before 2030?

"US government" includes all branches of federal and state government, including all executive departments (e.g. armed forces, Justice Department) and agencies responsible to them (e.g. FBI, NSA).

"take control" means direct managerial authority of Anthropic or over its major technologies, or the exercise of such authority. "Control" does not need to be complete but must be dominant. If control of a major technology, the control should be somewhat exclusive.

"major technologies" means frontier or near-frontier AI models, or otherwise unambiguously "major" technologies.

I will use reasonable judgement to adjudicate edge cases.

Examples that count:

  • If a majority of Anthropic's board of directors are officers of executive departments, and are there clearly in their capacity as US government officers, this would count.

  • If credible sources report that major Anthropic CEO decisions are consistently being directed or (successfully) pressured toward government objectives, this would count.

  • If credible sources report that an executive department (e.g. the NSA) has seized or directly copied Anthropic's technologies (e.g. recreated Claude), this would count.

  • Forcibly shutting Anthropic down without at any point having formal authority internal to Anthropic would count, as shutting Anthropic down is an exercise of such authority.

  • The US government sending officers into Anthropic and directly seizing its major technologies would count. This would even count if it happens after the relevant major technologies were made openly available prior to the seizure.

Examples that don't count:

  • An FBI raid of Anthropic in an investigation on its own would not count.

  • The independent creation AI systems by the US government that resembles Anthropic's systems would not count.

  • Anthropic independently choosing to work with any part of the US government would not count.

  • The US government using Anthropic's technologies under special contract or as a client would not count (access =/= managerial authority).

  • If Anthropic open-sources a frontier model and thus the US government (along with everyone else) has access to it, this would not count.

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