Will Scott Alexander judge a specific candidate movie to resolve his 2028 AI movie market?

Main market: /ScottAlexander/in-2028-will-an-ai-be-able-to-gener

When Scott Alexander is tasked to resolve his market, will he even bother to critically judge a specific AI generated movie? Or will its quality be so evidently bad that nobody will even bother to write a program or generate a movie?

Resolves YES if Scott Alexander watches an AI-generated movie with intent to judge it for the linked market. NO otherwise.

This market can resolve YES even if the main market resolves NO.

If he watches multiple such movies, this market resolves YES.

If Scott Alexander watches only part of the movie, resolves YES. (such as if the movie is low-quality enough that only a few minutes are needed to judge it)

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I didn't see this market before. I will be betting it down after getting a bit more mana.

How doe this resolve if he watches the first 20 minutes only.

@1a3orn Resolves YES.

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