Will a solopreneur billionaire emerge by 2028 year-end?

I will consider a soloprenour as defined by the financial media (FT, The Economist, Forbes, WSJ, Nikkei, Reuters, Bloomberg...) and billionaire as also defined by the same mainstream financial media.

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Does being a solopreneur mean they can’t hire any employees at any point, or is it more that they just can’t share ownership of the company or something?

@WinstonOswaldDrummond I'd say that it means they don't hire employees at any point, but on this market, I'll rely on the financial media. There are some people like Michael Bloomberg that get to billionaire status without partners.

@MP As said in the other comment, Wordle was a solopreneur millionaire. The guy didn't have any employees nor partners on his small product and solt to the NYT for 7 figures.

Does the guy who made Minecraft and sold it to Microsoft for 10 figures count?

@JonathanRay a lot of people worked at Mojang at that time.

@MP wordle was an example, but the fellow only made 7 figures