Will GRRM announce Winds of Winter as being finished in August 2024?
Sep 1

Book doesn’t have to be released in August, but either an announcement of having finished writing the book or a publication date chosen by end of August.

Personally, I think GRRM will announce the publication at / shortly after WorldCon.

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The book being finished is completely different from having a release date, so the title is currently in conflict with part of the description.

Please clarify if this market is about an announcement of the book being finished or an announcement of a publication date. This is important -- for his prior book in this series, the publication date was announced roughly 8 weeks before he announced he was done writing the book.

Oh, sorry - didn’t think about it properly, I guess.

I think it’s an either or

I imagine after a decade of work the publication date and the “I’ve finished” will be closely aligned, but I’ll update the description to say that it’s about publication date or an announcement of having finished it.

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I hope I’m going to lose my Mana on this one!