How will American attitudes towards Israel in general change, according to polling, at the end of the Israel-Gaza war?
-11 to -15%
-6 to -10%
-0.x% to -5%
+0.x% to +5%
+6% to 10%
+11% to 15%
More than a 15% change either way.

The Reuters Ipsos poll asked "Now thinking about the rest of the world, would you say your opinion is favorable or unfavorable towards the following countries? - Israel." The responses were 64% favorable, 17% unfavorable, and 19% dont know.

US public opinion in future polls on general opinions of Israel after the end of this war will be used to decide the winning selection. If multiple exist then, they will be averaged.

Negative means the favorable category will shrink, positive means the favorable category will grow.

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Re-opening this question, since the war has not ended.

you’re way off base. why on earth did you end this???

Did you just end the war? Or why was this resolved?

how do you define the end of the war?

@SharpQs When Israel says its ended.

Double-checking: the answers are actually percentage points, not percent change. Correct?

@NicoDelon correct

Are we betting on change in the favorable number, or change in favorable minus unfavorable?

@Ernie betting on if the favorable category will shrink or grow by some percentage points, as evidenced by the + and - signs.

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