Will the first human habitat on Mars be on the surface?
closes 2100

"Human habitat" being a stationary place where at least 1 human lives for at least 1 (Earth) month.

Inspired by #7 here.

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LivInTheLookingGlass avatar

I assume this excludes orbit?

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@LivInTheLookingGlass Correct. Fails the "stationary" criterion, and also the "on Mars" one. :)

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I would allow one floating in the atmosphere though, if such a thing is possible.

(That would resolve this to NO, since it's not on the surface.)

LivInTheLookingGlass avatar
Oliviabought Ṁ5 of NO

Would you allow one on Phobos or Deimos?

IsaacKing avatar

No, that's not "on Mars" either.

Interesting question though.


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Michael Wheatley

@IsaacKing Do any of the Lagrange Points qualify?

IsaacKing avatar

@MichaelWheatley No, but points for creativity.

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