Will any best-selling work of fiction be written entirely by an AI by April of 2028?

Going by the NYT's list, or one of comparable prestigiousness if the NYT's goes away.

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Are human editors allowed inside the publication process, or does it have to be AI from prompt to printed page?

@PipFoweraker Humans can do busywork like setting up the legal pages at the beginning or whatever, but the actual content of the book needs to be entirely AI.

@IsaacKing Not arguing, but to clarify, 99%+ of best-selling fiction goes through at least one round of editing by a human that's not the author before publication just as part of the process, so if that was disallowed then it's a much different standard than normal bestselling human-written fiction.

What about a non-human editor or a prompt to go over the text generated and revise it like a professional editor (without detailed instruction, like 'work on the dialogue at the ending of chapter 4?) as part of the workflow?

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