Will a book claimed to be written by an AI make the NYT best seller list before the end of 2025?

The NYT bestseller page ( https://www.nytimes.com/books/best-sellers/ ) lists the top five sellers in 11 different categories. Will this page list one book making a serious claim to be written by an AI before the end of 2025?

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Btw I think this was relevant and didnt see it mentioned in the comments - linkedIn's founder's book Impromptu, written by GPT-4

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Wow, four whole categories of children's or young adults books...

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I'm betting "YES" because I think it's likely a book will be "making a serious claim to be written by an AI" even if the book was not in fact written by, for example, prompting an LLM exactly once. It might be something like writing code with copilot but only writing comments with no actual code, and claiming the program was "written by an AI"

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