Will Eliezer Yudkowsky appear on Sesame Street by 2030?

Eliezer Yudkowsky is an American writer and researcher on artificial intelligence and decision theory.

Sesame Street is a long-running educational children’s television series that features Muppets, animation, live action, and celebrity guests. This market resolves as YES if Eliezer Yudkowsky makes an appearance on Sesame Street (as himself or as a character) in any episode that airs before January 1st, 2030. It resolves as NO otherwise.

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@goblinodds fuck, i cant count

Yeah, with sora this market became more plausible.

@FranklinBaldo oh wait, it can be a Yud likeness?

@FranklinBaldo it would be so contradictory for a deepfake Yud to come on Sesame Street to introduce the word of the day: AI Safety


@shankypanky 'as himself or as a character' as I stated in the original. But I need to clarify that it need to be canonical sesame street wise.

@FranklinBaldo sure I saw that - I assumed that was limited to him appearing to voice a character or muppet rather than someone/thing entirely unrelated to him fashioned in his likeness, so I was just clarifying based on your comment.


reposting with inspiration to revive this market - give (4% of) the people what they want Yudcookie @EliezerYudkowsky


"Eliezer Yudkowsky explains Death with Dignity to Elmo on Sesame Street (2028)"

bought Ṁ10 YES at 3%

@Joshua hahahahaha

Yud returns to Sesame Street to beep-boop an "I told you so" after the robots have taken over. He takes no pleasure in getting the last laugh with Elmo.

@Joshua Seems like he sold a few fingers to the devil.

5% was too low. This could be memed into existence

predicts NO

@cloudprism No it could not. Wildly inappropriate.

@RobinGreen is EY incapable of communicating a positive AI message that can be shared with children that is also aligned with his views?


I guess after remembering this video yeah this shouldn't even be joked about

(I've taken offense at "wildly inappropriate")

predicts NO

@cloudprism "is EY incapable of communicating a positive AI message"

Yes. The answer is yes.

@RobinGreen Fair enough

predicts NO

@cloudprism Would be fun/wholesome if this was memed into occurring after a (hopefully) successful AGI takeoff. But I feel as if 2030 is too early.

predicts NO

@TorBarstad Even if there were a successful AGI takeoff and Yud felt like alignment was 100% solved, (a) that probably just means an AGI has got to him and brainwashed him, or replaced him with a clone, or we're actually living in an AGI-generated simulation while our real bodies are repurposed, Matrix-style, but even if not, (b) what is he going to say on Sesame Street in the good scenario, anyway? "Hey kids, I'm the guy that helped save the world from..." Elmo [interrupting hastily]: "Um, that's enough Eliezer - who likes cookies?"

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