In what year will Patrick Rothfuss' book The Doors of Stone be released?

This refers to the third book in the Kingkiller Chronicles, even if it winds up being published under a different name. The question will resolve to the year the first readers actually receive their copies (physical or digital), not to any pre-order date.

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I want to bet on this but am setting myself up for dissapointment either way

I wonder if Rothfuss and GRRM ever receive entire fan books completing their stories

I'm currently building a LLM modeled after his brain. It should be up and running soon and we'll have Doors of Stone within the month. It's the only hope

Beta readers and any form of early access are excluded from this question. Any member of the public needs to be able to order a book and receive it for the question to resolve.

How does this resolve if he dies first - is that N/A, MAX, or the date that the partial book gets published by his estate or something?

@BenjaminCosman If he dies, I'll wait a year, then check the news whether his estate is planning to publish the book. If they are planning to publish, I'll wait for the release. If they don't plan to publish, I'll resolve N/A.