Will "The Winds of Winter" be published while George R. R. Martin is alive

Resolves YES if George R. R. Martin publishes "The Winds of Winter" prehumously. NO if he passes away with it still unpublished

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Interesting amount of space between this and "the final book" being published (the one by Jack). Though the Jack McPherson one has a similar estimate.

@EricMoyer How so? This book should be out in a year or two, and the last one will by all indication take 10+ years.

Fans pray to the gods that George R.R. Martin doesn’t die before finishing the series, only for their prayers to be answered by him turning into a wight and wandering the seven kingdoms for eternity.

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Social security actuarial table says median lifespan remaining of 10.6 years. Adjust down for obesity, but adjust upward a lot for SES.



@Ophiuchus it's latin for "before ground" so if he's cremated instead of being buried, it still counts as prehumously

@JonathanRay …are… are you making a joke?