Will the New York Times Magazine kill their variety puzzle page by end of 2024? [M$1000 subsidy]

Their variety puzzle page (currently with a Spelling Bee, two word puzzles, and a grid logic puzzle; usually on the page before the crossword) has always been somewhat niche, but has existed since like 2016. In March 2023, they removed it from their website (even though it was literally just pdfs that they'd already made for the print version) and even took down the archive - though they still pay constructors. This Sunday, they misprinted a number in one of the puzzles which resulted in the puzzle being unsolvable.

This puzzle page was a longtime inspiration to me, and I've also been a constructor for it. When corresponding with the Times about my puzzles, I got the sense that Will Shortz alone is making this page happen. This makes me worry that other members of the puzzle team want to kill the page (especially since they wouldn't have to pay constructors for it anymore). Another risk is if Will Shortz retires.

Will the New York Times make it clear that this magazine page is being killed by end of 2024? Since this topic is dear to my heart, I'm subsiding this market with M$1000.

General policy for my markets: In the rare event of a conflict between my resolution criteria and the agreed-upon common-sense spirit of the market, I may resolve it according to the market's spirit or N/A, probably after discussion.

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