Will there be large-scale rioting in the US before 2036?
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Will there be a record amount of migrants from the Mexican border in 2023?
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Will the US make daylight savings time permanent in 2023?
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Will anyone be arrested for performing in a drag show in the US during 2023?
Will the United States experience a constitutional crisis before 2030?
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Will a US president be removed from office early for any reason through 2036?
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Will there be a US president who identifies as female by end of 2035?
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Will the US implement an UBI (universal basic income) before 2040?
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Will there be a new US State by 2055?
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Will same-sex marriage be newly legalized in any country in Africa before 2030?
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Will a quarter of Americans morally accept polygamy in 2024, according to Gallup?
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By 2025, will U.S. states become even more extremely polarized on trans rights?
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Will a US State declare a Federal law to be null and void during 2023?
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Will there be a publicly detrans elected official at the state or federal level in the US before 2029?
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Will any American state start a transgender suppression program by 2033?
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Will polygamous marriage be legal in any US state by 2035?
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Will the US have a female or gender non-conforming president by 2033?
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Will the US Government declare a new federal holiday before 2030?
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Will an explicitly racist or sexist politician get elected to major office in America by the end of 2030?
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Connor Williams

Would summer 2020 have counted?

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