Will @PC be punished for blatant profit manipulation in the next month?
closes Oct 2
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In a year, will I believe that scandal markets on powerful individuals are a beneficial way of penalising bad community behaviour and net good overall?
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Would a 'No' resolution of the April Fools Day market be overturned if challenged?
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Will @NickAllen misresolve his April Fool's market?
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Will Destiny.gg community members succeed in creating major memes purely for the sake of market manipulation?
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Will any user with a "Trustworthy. Ish." badge resolve a market dishonorably by the end of 2023?
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In 'take it apart and put it together again', will Oliver successfully execute a large monetary exploit?
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Will Manifold take steps to combat dishonest Ponzis, but not legit ones?
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Will @levifinkelstein resolve the linked market incorrectly or in a misleading way?
Will any player in Dip713830 manipulate a market?
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Will a user with a Trustworthy.ish badge resolve one of my markets w/o my permission?
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Will at least one of the "apocalypse markets" be resolved positively after the apocalypse?
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If @NickAllen resolves his April Fool’s Day market ”NO,” will his Resolution Reliability be below Good on 5/1?
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Will Sculptor hedge fund shareholders vote on a proposal to sell the company to Rithm Capital?
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Will @ButtocksCocktoasten resolve their Trump market correctly?
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Will the two "did EA people know about SBF's fraud" markets resolve differently?
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Will any of the 5 linked "rationalussy" markets resolve incorrectly?
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Will a mainstream media outlet publish a story on how prediction markets affected the outcome of the primaries?
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Better titles for the existing four episodes of the Market Manipulation Podcast!
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Will there be a recorded case of manipulating the real stock exchange index to obtain a huge amount of Ṁ before 2035?
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What topics should we discuss on Episode 5 of the Market Manipulation Podcast (feat. @SG and @Austin)? [EDIT: RECORDED]
Conflux avatarConflux
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any week now

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@CodeandSolder They said the same thing about the untrustworthy badge.

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@ShadowyZephyr I figured they lost interest in the badge because Levi quit the site. It was totally just for him.

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From Discord as of September 9:

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