Left-Wing or Right-Wing? Which person/character/concept will Manifold think are "Right-Wing" this week?
in 10 hours
To kill (your own) dog. [IMPORTANT, PLEASE NOTE: Dog, not puppy.]
Jonathan Swift
Flipping a coin
Two-state solution
The Khmer Rouge
"Conspicuous consumption"
labeling everything into right-wing and left-wing
Protoss (star craft universe)
no gluten diet (in people without gluten related intolerance or disease) as a hobby
still greeting people with fist bump (despite COVID is in the past)
Rejecting the absolute monarchy of Kuwait, like Saddam did in 1990
Resisting the imperialistic American invasion of Iraq, like Saddam did
Opposing Zionism, like Saddam always did
House M.D.
Queens (the men who dress as women)
Queens (the sovereigns)
Queens (the borough)
People holding elected office

You can help us in resolving options by spending at least 1 mana on each person/character/concept you have an opinion on. Buy YES if you think it's a right-wing thing, and NO if you think it's a left-wing thing.

Heavily inspired from @Joshua's excellent market,


You can submit any person/character/concept (shortened to p/c/c for the rest of the description), as well as a link / short phrase to give traders some context. If other people trade on your submission, you'll get mana off of their transaction fees.

I may N/A options for quality control, or edit them to provide a more neutral summary.

As a trader, you should buy any amount of YES in p/c/c you think are Right-Wing, buy any amount of NO in p/c/c you think are Left-Wing. I will leave the definition of those terms up to you. The amount of shares doesn't matter for the resolution, one share of yes is one vote and one hundred shares of yes is also one vote.

If I think you are voting purely as a troll, such as buying no in every option, I may block you or disregard your votes. Please vote in good faith! But hey, I can't read your mind. Ultimately this market is on the honor system.

Note that market prices will be a bit strange here, because this is simultaneously a market and a poll. If you sell your shares, you are also removing your vote. I have unranked the market so it will not impact leagues.

The market will close every Sunday at Noon EST. I will then check the positions tab on options that have been submitted.

If there is a clear majority of YES holders, the option resolves YES. If there is a clear majority of NO holders, the option resolves NO. If it's very close and votes are still coming in, the option will remain un-resolved. The market will then re-open for new submissions, with a new close date the next week. This continues as long as I think the market is worth running. It does not matter what % the market is at, and bots holding a position are also counted. In a tie, the tweet will not resolve that week.

I may update these exact criteria to better match the spirit of the question if anyone has any good suggestions, so please leave a comment if you do.


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labeling everything into right-wing and left-wing

Lots of right wingers (especially Ben Shapiro) love breaking things up into "Left" and "Right" and then going on rants against the Left.

labeling everything into right-wing and left-wing

What's the case for this being left-wing?

I think of the desire to categorize things as being closely related to the desire to assign roles to things, put them in a strict hierarchy, and impose order - all things that feel right-wing to me.

And it seems like leftists in particular chafe at categorizations of humans.

@adele I don't think I have actually voted on that one, but just for the sake of argument:

Left wingers have a bit of a stereotype (with some truth to it) of being obsessed with categorisation of political opinions. Think "People's Front of Judea" and "Judean People's Front". I once witnessed a heated debate between a couple of socialists about whether the USSR was "state capitalist" or "degenerate socialist". Or a quote from Captain Fantastic: "Trotskyist. Only a Stalinist would call a Trotskyist a Trotskyite. And I'm not a Trotskyist anymore; I'm a Maoist."

Ok all those examples are fine differentiations of the left rather than left Vs right, but there's also a lot of gatekeeping on left Vs right as well. In the UK Labour party, left wingers will consider people like Tony Blair to be "right wing", not "centrist".

I think right wingers are more likely to use a term like "moderate".

Idk, this has been a less formulated argument than I was intending, but this market is inherently vibes based and I think there's something there...

@Bayesian I understand it's preferable to wait for a consensus, but this one hasn't had any new votes in nearly two weeks. How long do you think it makes sense to wait?

opened a Ṁ1,000 Answer #5046999f4e86 NO at 10% order

never seen sharia tiktok? definitely both extremes are represented on there

there's a Nietzschean argument that this is actually left wing because it promotes slave morality -- it values pity and compassion and sacrifice and so forth instead of the pursuit of excellence and fun.

still greeting people with fist bump (despite COVID is in the past)

ok boomer

About half the answers on this market:

bought Ṁ10 Answer #c42572c577dd NO

Without qualification, "anarchism" usually refers to the left-wing kind, while the right-wing kind is called "anarcho-capitalism".

@PlasmaBallin where does one fit if one thinks that anarcho-communism is not something that can exist in real life (like other forms of left-wing utopia), that anarcho-capitalism is a better description of what a stateless society would look like, and that this would be absolutely horrible and should be avoided at nearly any cost?

@BrunoParga I think that position is called "being a normal person". You're not any sort of anarchist then

@PlasmaBallin I think most people would disagree that anarcho-communism is physically impossible.

This is a GMO and GMOs, as we know, are right-wing. The reason golden rice is not available is that left-wing actors like protesters and Greenpeace oppose it, and some have actually destroyed the test crops.

@BrunoParga More monetary and material support to developing countries is left coded.

Some emotionally charged movements opposing it are hardly representative of the average left-winger, and the role of Greenpeace in the lack of availability of these products is heavily overstated.

@ShadowyZephyr GMOs are explicitly right wing according to this very market.

@BrunoParga The specific use case of them makes them more left wing than GMOs in general. Honestly I’d say it balances out to center

@ShadowyZephyr also, since it's not zero-sum, trade is "more monetary and material support to developing countries", but leftists usually oppose it ("buy local").

@ShadowyZephyr leftists in rich countries give exceedingly few shits about the actually-poor people in the world except for a very few topics which are used for signaling.

@BrunoParga There is not one very consistent stance for left-wing people on free trade. I think the average would be a “fair trade” approach (which could be protectionist when implemented, but that is besides the point, I’m talking about their beliefs)

@BrunoParga If this is true, then the same is true of rightists. I don’t think political party moves charitability that much.

@ShadowyZephyr the right doesn't claim to care

@BrunoParga I dont think that’s true, they definitely signal about fighting poverty. They care about this country more than others, but that doesn’t mean they say they have no empathy for people.

@ShadowyZephyr also, it is not super nice to say "this country" when you have no idea where your interlocutor is from or physically located.


Simple mistake - should say “their country”

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