Will 200,000 or more Gazans voluntarily emigrate by the end of 2024?
  1. Total Emigration Count: The question will be affirmatively resolved if, by December 31, 2024, it is reported that at least 200,000 residents of the Gaza Strip have voluntarily emigrated.

  2. Definition of Voluntary Emigration: Voluntary emigration refers to the act of leaving the Gaza Strip to settle in another country by choice, without external compulsion or immediate threats to safety for non-compliance.

  3. Source of Information: The determination will be based on information from credible sources such as the United Nations agencies, the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, international migration and refugee organizations, or government immigration departments of recipient countries.

  4. Intent of Permanent or Long-Term Residency: The emigration should be with the intention of long-term or permanent residency in the new country, rather than temporary relocation or short-term stays.

  5. Exclusion of Return Migrants: The count should exclude individuals who emigrate from the Gaza Strip but return within the same year.

  6. Public Availability and Verifiability of Data: The data or report used as a proxy measure must be publicly available and verifiable as of December 31, 2024, to ensure transparency and objectivity in the resolution process.

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The latest number of deaths is 30.000 people. That’s 15% of the 200.000 people in question.

Technically, death isn’t “emigration” (since the bodies mainly stay under the rubble in Gaza). But you can argue that all these people have moved to a better place.


Israel is doing all it can to make the people of Gaza emigrate “voluntarily”. Not sure if “voluntarily” is the right word.🤔

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