Will my novel be published (or be on track to be) by mid-2026?

So far, I probably have 20k words, but like, word-vomit quality. And maybe a chapter or two that's decent-ish? I definitely am going to work over January a lot, and hope that I continue to do so. The genre is YA, so the length of a typical novel is inevitably shorter anyways. I think I can write a lot? Not sure.

Reputable, meaning they would pay me a reasonable advance. Not sure what that would be? Say, $5,000.

The market resolves YES if and only if any of the conditions are met:

  1. The novel is published via a reputable publishing house (self-publishing isn't fair to count here.)

  2. I sign with a literary agent who's able to get my work visibility from said publishing houses.

  3. A literary agent reaches demonstrates interest after a full request (not partial.)

    Maybe this is cringe, but at least its motivation to keep writing? LOL

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