😈Who will go to Hell by EOY 2025 according to Manifold? [ADD RESPONSES]
James D. Worley
Thomas Eugene Creech
Raul Castro
William James Pye
Yaroslav Hunka
Robert Bowers (Pittsburgh synagogue gunman)
Dennis Rader (btk)
Juan Vicente Perez
Bill Cosby
Dick Cheney
Mitch McConnell
David Berkowitz (son of sam)
King Charles III
Milan Panić
Joe Arpaio
Ron Jeremy
Mike Tyson
Benjamin Netanyahu
Vladimir Putin
Gary Glitter

For each option here, if the person dies by EOY 2025, a poll will be made and the answer here will resolve accordingly: " 'Should X go to Heaven, Hell, or Unsure/Neither/Purgatory"

Worthiness is to be determined by good/badness as a person in life, not by any religious technicalities (There are no disqualifications for reasons like 'They can't go to hell because they aren't Christian')

If the person dies AND their poll closes 'Hell' their option will resolve YES.

If the person does not die by EOY 2025 their option will resolve NO.

If the person dies, but their vote ends in Unsure/Neither/Purgatory, their option resolves NO.

Also see: /strutheo/who-will-go-to-heaven-by-eoy-2025-a

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Va chier mon tabarnak

Raul Castro

@strutheo The U in "Raul" should be acute. "Raul Castro" → "Raúl Castro"

Manifold changed the cost of polls to be 10x higher so I am going to wait to make new polls until they either change this, or idk

He’s Chile’s ex-president. Died on an helicopter accident a week or so ago.

@JaimeSantaCruz will make a poll soon

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What happens to people who die and go to heaven?

@samikki They are received by 72 virgins. If you’re a woman make them incels.

This is a duplicate

for those asking, there were some wild allegations about him as soon as he died, nothing is known for sure yet, will leave his option open longer until information comes out


soon it will be time for manifold to cast their first judgement

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He’s only 58! lol

@benshindel kobe was 41 !

Robert Bowers (Pittsburgh synagogue gunman)

death sentence, not scheduled yet
> Bowers was the first criminal to be sentenced to death by the US federal government during the presidency of Joe Biden.[123][124] On August 3, 2023, Bowers was formally sentenced to death.[125] On August 26, 2023, Bowers was transferred to the custody of the Federal Bureau of Prisons and placed on death row at United States Penitentiary, Terre Haute.[126]

Thomas Eugene Creech

execution scheduled feb 2024

James D. Worley

execution scheduled mid 2025

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I would argue nobody should go to hell

@Bayesian fair enough ! you can vote for Unsure/Neither/Purgatory

we'll see if the rest of manifold is as kind as you

@strutheo nooo, everyone goes to heaven, maximize utility

@Bayesian i have something for you!

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@Bayesian lol, sry for my trading, for some weird reason I thought I was in the heaven market

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