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How do the leaderboards correspond to the profit numbers/graphs on people's profiles?

it's surely leaderboard, since it links it as the only thing in the description

Yes but I'm actually just trying to make sense of how manifold works, what numbers got multiplied by what...

Oh, I see. Ranked markets from before the 10x devaluation have their profits multiplied by 10 times on the leaderboard, compared to actual profits. unranked markets.. i think their profits got removed entirely from the leaderboard? or just not 10xed? I'm not sure.

This makes it so that if you look at the leaderboard it helps you get a sense of who forecasted real questions well, not just who won a whalebait market (a market whose resolution can be influenced by how much mana you put into it)

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This should resolve, the profit now shoes over 1 million for 2 traders

This market was edited with no comment from 1 million to 10 million, I understand why, just leaving a comment here so my earlier comment doesn't look unhinged

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@strutheo what happens if they bump everyone's total profit by 10X

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@strutheo does this count bugs / staff shenanigans / duplication exploits? like is the only requirement that they get to #1 in the leaderboard for any amount of time and have 10 million mana profits shown there?

@Bayesian no it has to be legitimate

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