[ACX 2024] Will SpaceX attempt to catch a Starship booster with the tower in 2024?

Will SpaceX attempt to catch a Starship booster with the tower in 2024?

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This question will resolve as Yes if, in calendar year 2024, SpaceX attempts to catch the first stage of Starship, the Super Heavy booster, with the tower.

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Of note is that spacex are working on a second tower, which I suspect will be finished in a few months. Once they have that working then damage to one of them from a failed catch is less catastrophic

Having closely followed spacex for a long time, I think they're not close to attempting this from an orbital launch - they've yet to get to test a controlled landing at sea. I imagine we might see ~5 launches during 2024, and only if they start working out succesfully all the way to controlled landing would risking stage-0 (the tower) start making sense.

A small hop into the tower could be viable, but afaik starship is not great at hovering and the landing/steering dynamics are sufficiently different that it doesn't make much sense to spend resources on.

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Will they ultimately attempt this within 5 years? Heck yes 🚀🚀

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