Will Donald Trump be convicted of a felony before the 2024 presidential election? [ACX 2024]
Nov 6

Will Donald Trump be convicted of a felony before the 2024 presidential election?

Resolves the same as the original on Metaculus.

Resolution criteria

This question will resolve as Yes if, before November 5, 2024, any court in the United States convicts Donald Trump of committing a felony.

Fine print and additional background information can be found on Metaculus.

Once the original resolves, its resolution will be applied to this market automatically. Trustworthy-ish users are encouraged to resolve this market before then if the outcome is known and unambiguous. Feel free to ping @jskf to request early resolution or to report issues.

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Jury nullification..

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Let's check in on Polymarket!

Those are some high numbers.

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Metaculus at 50%, Polymarket at 79%. That's a big gap

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@Simon74fe Well yes there's also that but I was hoping to convince people on the object level before pointing it out :b

opened a Ṁ1,000 NO at 75% order

@Joshua limit order

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@Simon74fe I think Metaculus is lagging because of the tournament format; you're not scored on any updates to predictions after the prize cutoff date, so people aren't bothering so much

If I'm wrong about this you should all spam me with this meme. But I think it's happening.

Read this guide to the Manhattan election interference trial by Just Security. It goes through every aspect of the trial, which is going to start in two weeks and should be over by mid-June. Some quotes from the guide:

"As an evaluative matter, our assessment of the evidence is that there is a significant likelihood of conviction. We also assess that if Trump is convicted, a sentence of incarceration is not unlikely. We anticipate that should that come to pass, Trump will be released pending appeal, which will be a lengthy post-trial litigation process."

"Ultimately, barring any major surprises at trial, DANY will likely be able to convince a unanimous jury of the 34 charges. We explain below much more about why, including why Trump’s defenses will likely fail."

"Justice Merchan said he expects the trial to take around six weeks, with DANY estimating its case-in-chief to last 3-4 weeks. Trials often take longer than anticipated, and our assessment based on the evidence and analysis in this essay is that it could take up to eight weeks. That being said, trials are inherently unpredictable and the case could take shorter or longer than all have estimated."

Take my limit orders if you disagree!

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I think this will happen

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@Joshua Which case do you think it is most likely to happen in? I think it would certainly happen if all his trials happen before the election, but he seems to be succeeding in delaying them.

@PlasmaBallin The Manhattan hush money trial starts in two weeks!

@Joshua forced me to make this to prove I know absolutely nothing about Metaculus or the election:

Help make my new market more accurate by arbitraging it with this one

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Take a look at the question like this in the ACX 2023 contest:

On Metaculus, it sat at 50-60 for months, then spiked based on news just before resolving yes.

Then look at Manifold:

At first glance, it seems like we did better. We stayed more like 60-70 for most of the market, then spiked based on news just before resolving yes.

But did Manifold do better as a whole? Look at the positions/profit in that market:

You see how spiky our graph was? It seems that was because an awful lot of people thought the price should have been lower! Really, it seems like just @BTE and @jack kept buying the market up while everyone else kept buying it down. Without those two users, I expect the manifold market would have settled into the same 50%-60% that Metaculus was at. I think that 50%-60% zone is basically everyone saying "I dunno, probably? I'm not a Lawyer."

I'm also not a Lawyer, but I know that if any random guy was up against all the charges Trump was up against, this market would probably be at like 90%+

@Joshua I got the highest profit on that market and the top score on the Metaculus question also. I think the main difference is that I had enough mana at the time and I and a sufficiently horrible trader that I just wouldn’t let it get any lower than 60 percent at any point. Had I not been trading I actually think it would have been metaculus that was higher because I think there was actually significantly more NO bets until the very end. There is a comment in that market from @NicoDelon to the effect that I was artificially inflating and he was probably right.

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@BTE Hey it's not artificially inflating if you're right!

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@Joshua At one point I think I was close to 180k mana position. Those spikes down in the months before resolving is me selling haha. I am so bad at trading!

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Okay folks, let's be specific. The January 6th case is the biggest one, and seems to be most likely to get a felony conviction before the election. There are four charges. Is he more likely to be found guilty of any specific ones?

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Also, two questions on what the initial Metaculus prediction will be:

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