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Safest buy in the history of buys

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I call artificial inflation. He's still a cringe guzzeler

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@Eban Cringe guzzeler with a heart of gold ❤

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@IsaacKing I see what you did there

professional blowjob instructor

@Kris The endgame is that he becomes acting head of Twitter and unbans all of Destiny's accounts

@YourHero Notsoerudite has a charitable take on Lex.

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@ZiquaftyNny what is it?

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I'm curious if this is gonna drop much if lex does a podcast with Elon and it's 1h of cock gurgling sounds.

@Daniel589c BRO CHILL LMAO

What does this market mean? It has a lot of volume, but it never resolves? Why would any news make you buy or sell? i.e. if Lex Fridman died, it sounds like this should go to 0%, but what actually happens to make shares worth Ṁ0?

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@Mira it never resolves, it's just a memestock

@Mira it allows you to profit off of sentiment. If you think the number is over/undervalued you can buy and hope it goes in opposite direction to profit. Yes = he is more liked, no = he is disliked.

@Mira this is a stock evaluating the standing of Lex Friedman in Destiny's community (Destiny is a streamer)

Things like subreddit posts on r/destiny about him or Lex's tweets can influence this market

For example Lex's recent tweets supporting Elon Musk and the twitter files have made the community dislike Lex, so the stock went down.


Destiny's community dislikes Lex = stock goes down

Destiny's community likes Lex = stock goes up

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@tetsuo or just anyone who sees this market and understands what it means can influence the stock by buying and selling

bruh this was at 55% today lol

yall r actually braindead, holy shit

buy low right now

Constant sycophancy towards the people who give him clout. I.e. spineless

The amount of work this guy does to pledge his loyalty to Elon Musk is actually debilitating any further analysis of him, or consumption of his content. Needs to get that shit in check fr fr.