Will we redirect another asteroid by April 1, 2029?

Resolves YES if after April 1, 2024 and by the end of April 1, 2029 (UTC), anyone successfully redirects an asteroid.

The DART mission (which took place before the time window for this question) is an example.

It will count as a successful asteroid redirection if the trajectory change is measurable, even if it was different than planned.

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It's inevitable, I'm afraid. Did you not see yesterday's news? https://twitter.com/AnthonyNAguirre/status/1774822934105997425

@HarrisonNathan That was exactly what inspired this question! Otherwise I wouldn't have used April 1 as the date haha

I love seeing the word “another” in there! Nice market!!

sold Ṁ28 NO

FYI I edited the timeframe for the question just after creating it (nobody else traded yet).

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