What percent of those taking rapamycin to slow aging will comment a positive or neutral review?

Of those taking rapamycin for more than 3 months to slow aging, how many have seen no change or positive effects?

Sep 5, 4:35pm: pros of rapamycin: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6814615/

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@ian How do you plan on resolving this if there are no reviews on this page at market close? Will you extend the deadline or N/A (or resolve 0%)?

@wasabipesto N/a if noone reviews, probably will extend the deadline too

@ian Where will you be observing these comments?

@MattCWilson Just right here on the market page!

@ian I suspected that might be it, thanks for confirming!

Is it plausible that people would feel subjectively better after 3 months of rapamycin? If the goal is to prolong life, and people taking it are probably not close to death (for several reasons I doubt many people in their 70s will be taking this and reporting their wellbeing online), how would people evaluate whether it was having a positive effect on them?

@akrasiac The 3 months timeline is more a threshold so that someone can't just take it for a day and then post a review. If you haven't had a negative effect after 3 months of dosing it I'd consider that to probably be a good thing overall considering the possible life extension effects. I don't think there'll be too many positive effect reports but it'd be cool if there were!

Ooh I've been meaning to ask a bunch of longevity questions, this is super cool.

@FRCassarino do it! I'll tip/bet on em.

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