resolved Apr 4

Resolves YES if I receive credible information that @Austin and @RachelWeinberg were engaged to be married as of March 14, 2023. Resolves NO if one of them denies this or I don't hear any convincing evidence by the end of the year.

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@derikk Does Austin’s comment count as credible enough

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@Conflux Actually wait, this doesn’t prove they were on March 14

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@Conflux Yeah @Austin want to confirm whether the engagement took place before or after pi day?

@derikk pretty sure we got engaged Mar 9 or 10

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@Austin To be fair you’d dumped equally large amounts on YES before this ;)

Resolving now!

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@Austin you don't remember the exact date, smh my head

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@eulerphi was that a mistake?

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It seems like the Manifold staff is quite confident this is the case, but we’ll have to wait for an official announcement or statement to resolve.

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A wedding invitation would count ;) @RachelWeinberg @Austin

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Clarifying q. Suppose they were not engaged when this market was made, but do get engaged today. How does it resolve?

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@derikk wait that seems opposite of what the market says.

@jack oh, nvm, the date the comment was posted was the 14th. Carry on

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I do think it’s likely they’re engaged, but they could also be planning a proposal, considering it, etc in ways that aren’t “engaged”

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@Conflux except @AndrewG is super confident?

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he's just hedging

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@Conflux I'm hedging against my 30k no shares on them getting married...

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@AndrewG and perhaps I should too, but oh the allure of positive expected value

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orrrr maybe this is just top-tier market manipulation ;)