Will Javier Milei get inflation below 30% by the end of his term?

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Inflation in Milei's government is on its way to reach more than 300% per year.

It may be useful to take as a reference the Macri government, which was also an extreme right-wing neoliberal government that implemented large austerity measures. It even had many officials in common with Milei's government, including the current economy minister Caputo, who was president of the central bank in Macri's government.

Under Macri's government, inflation went from 31.4% per year in 2016 to 53.8% when he left office in 2019.

For what time period? <30% over the entirety of his first term, his last year in office, any given year in office?

@SGQ I'm currently assuming it's something like "at any point, as measured YoY". But I would very much like clarification!

What data source are you planning to use for resolution?

A shorter term version of the question:

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