Will Javier Milei abolish the Argentinian central bank?

Will resolve no once he's no longer in power.

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Basically no modern nation state functions without a central bank. Sure, maybe Monaco, Andorra, and Tuvalu, but Argentina's economy is slightly more complex than those. Buying NO because Milei was blustering all along.

kalshi has a real money market on this btw!

How will you resolve if the institution still exists but has lost most of its powers / dollarization goes through?

@galaga Oh, I don't know, some percentage, maybe

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Can he legally do it? Doesn't the institution have to exist at least officially, according to Argentinian law?

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Curious what people's arguments are for why he won't do it?

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@BenjaminIkuta Base rate of "central bank abolishments", moderates dissuading him from doing it, indefinitely delaying waiting for a more appropriate time and sorting out details

@GustavoMafra Base rates of ancaps getting elected were zero. Does the president have the power to abolish the Bank unilaterally, or would he need the support of the moderates?

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@BenjaminIkuta I don't know about Argentinian law to know what he needs to lawfully abolish the Central Bank in theory, but my understanding of LATAM politics is that in practice it's all coalition government stuff - the executive branch rarely gets an aligned majority in congress, so to pass favorable legislation it has to "buy" support by handing out important positions to people of other parties and not do extreme stuff that will unsettle moderates

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@BenjaminIkuta not an expert so real question; can you about abolish a central bank while you still have a national currency?


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video interview of him re-affirming the shutdown


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Please define “abolish”. Let’s say the central bank becomes a currency board, does that count as being abolished?

@mariopasquato If Wikipedia changes from "is" to "was".

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