Will Rocketlab perform a static fire test of their new Neutron rocket by the end of 2024?
Dec 31

For the context of this market, a successful test isn't a requirement—failure is acceptable as long as it's evident that Rocketlab aimed to conduct a static fire test.

I will resolve "YES" if there is official news that confirms that either the first stage or the entire vehicle was positioned vertically and the engines were started. (or there was an attempt to start them). Any duration or number of engines qualifies.

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Does it have to be a full stack, or would a static test of a complete first stage qualify? Full duration with all engines firing, or would a test of a fully-assembled stage that only fires some of the engines count?

Presumably it doesn't have to be successful?

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@EvanDaniel I edited the description - failure is accepted, and it can be only the first stage

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@alexbusuioc Sounds good to me, thanks for clarifying!