Will the left/right culture war come for AI before the end of 2024?

This market resolves YES, if, in my sole opinion, it seems abundantly clear that support for "AI" (an umbrella term for all the technologies, and, frankly marketing/branding associated with the term), becomes politically polarized along left/right lines.

It doesn't matter which side becomes "pro" AI or "anti" AI, just that each one picks a side and starts visibly yelling at the other, and that one's allegiance to left/right politics starts to drive people's opinions about whether they are pro or anti AI, and vice versa.

This is especially the case if you express an opinion about AI and people immediately assume you must belong to either the left/right based solely on that statement.

This market is a continuation of the original market by @LarsDoucet - /LarsDoucet/will-the-leftright-culture-war-come which is currently on track to resolve to NO.

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@Joshua How will mods resolve this if it depends on the "sole opinion" of a deleted user?

@BrunoJ We're planning to transfer all of this creator's markets to @jacksonpolack once staff have the tool to do that finalized. I don't think the had particularly unusual views or issued any weird clarifications so IMO this market could just continue according the description criteria but with Jackson's judgement of whether or not it becomes abundantly clear that this has happened.

@Joshua Thanks for the answer!

@postjawline Who, left or right, are you claiming is pro AI?

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More proof on the yes. Let’s resolve this @firstuserhere.


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@Futurista The market requires each side to pick yes/no on the issue. That has not happened, the NYTimes was just as mad about it.

It was obvious from day 1 that both sides didn't trust the technology, and it was end up being "AI vs everyone else".

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@Futurista Why aren't you betting YES up?

@HankyUSA New here. :)

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Trump joking about AI and his hand spots maybe this will be his new favourite angle/scapegoat 😅

It already has. Many leftwing artists are against AI for labor and copyright reasons. They have begun starting campaigns against it. Additionally, centrists and anyone right of center is against AI political bias.

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@Futurista Which side is pro AI and which side is anti AI?

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@Tumbles with the recent White House statement we just need some Republican leaders to advocate for the TSwift deepfakes and it's all over

@Tumbles See above. Just edited my response. Many leftwing artists are against AI and have begun organizing against companies like Midjourney.

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@Futurista You've given an example of a leftwing group against AI, but you haven't shown the right wing cultural sphere is fighting against them. Currently the Republican party just doesn't know much about AI and doesn't care, it's not a culture war item yet

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@Tumbles False. Effective accelerationists are actively against them.

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@Futurista effective accelerationists do not represent the right wing political attitude. Most republicans have never heard of effective accelerationism

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@Tumbles They are rightwing within this community. A micro culture war is still a culture war.

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@Futurista a micro culture war is not "The left/right culture war"

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@Tumbles The left is against AI using the work of other artists while e/acc is against the left trying to slow it down, taking on the role of “ the right” in this instance.

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@Futurista Notice how you have to say "e/acc is against", because it would be disingenuous to say "the right is against"

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@Tumbles They are “the right” in this instance.

@Futurista Ya well I am "the left" in my household and I personally think AI art is pretty based but my roommate thinks it's cringe. I guess you've got this whole culture war thing backwards

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@Tumbles I understand what you’re saying, and of course there will be variables, but this is a micro culture war between the left and new tech right.

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