Will AI generated content be ~50% or more of content creation on major social media platforms in 2025?

Major will be top 5 of 2025 by userbase

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It seems like it would be quite difficult to know for sure how much AI generated content was really being produced on a platform, so I'm not betting on this market

I wouldn’t surprised if this is the case because of the sheer number of spam accounts and how many posts they make.

Bots represent less than 5% of monetizable [Twitter] users, [but] between 21% to 29% of Twitter’s monetizable content comes from bots.


But if spam is posted and nobody sees it, does it matter? I think what matters is what percentage of the posts users see are AI generated.

Heavy filters rely on some ML/AI - will they be considered as AI generated?

Does whether anyone sees the content matter at all for this market? Could you make the resolution criteria more precise in general?

@jskf No, it doesn't matter if content is seen or not seen; just generated. If twitter comes out and says that 90% of the tweets on their platform; or tiktok comes out and says that 75% of the tiktoks are AI generated, for example, and that's the main content on their platform, then those will count.

(I don't know how miscalibrated this is, but i dont think a majority of the content is seen even now, maybe the 80/20 estimate holds good for social media also, like- 80% of the content interaction is by 20% of the userbase, or 80% of the viewership is concentrated to 20% or even less content creators; and out of people who watch something, maybe 80% dont even interact with that content beyond watching, i don't know.)