Will Scott Alexander be a guest on any podcast whatsoever before 2028?

If Scott's voice is recorded with his consent for a podcast, recorded for that specific use (not e.g. a previous recording of his voice merely played during a podcast) before 2028, this market will resolve to YES.

Scott's contribution to the podcast must be substantial enough, such that if you added up all the time he spends talking on the podcast, it would come to over 1 minute.

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@Tripping would this include a recording of a live event with an audience? Or does it have to be more podcast-y (i.e. no audience, available in podcast apps as audio-only). I'm thinking something like a live conversation at a convention.

@chrisjbillington Has to explicitly be referred to as a podcast

@Tripping ha ok fair enough

Read literally, this would include the use of a recording Scott Alexander does not consent to. Is that the intention?

@Lsusr I think it's covered by the concept of podcast "guest" but I'll clarify in the description for you

@Tripping Thanks. I didn't notice that part of the title.

bought Ṁ20 of NO

He's said he doesn't want to do podcasts or sees any advantage in it, repeatedly.