If I ask Bryan Caplan in Frankfurt to create a market, will he create one?
resolved Jul 5

He's going to be in Frankfurt on June 4, 27 and 28. If I go there and ask him to make a market will he make one?

Going there would cost me about 20€ so I'll only go if I'm in the mood to visit Frankfurt and the Market thinks it likely he will agree to make a market. Or if someone sends me 2500M.

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Will resolve N/A if I don't go.

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"Thanks for the offer, but I'm swamped with work!"

So like did it happen? I mean did you talk to him?

@BTE Yes.

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@Timothy And what did he say?

@Timothy i'm gonna steal your meme here :p

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The very generous @firstuserhere has sent me 3000M. So I have booked the train ticket to (and back from) Frankfurt. Where I will hopefully be able to convince Caplan to become an active manifold user. (If you like what I'm doing, anybody who want's can always send me more mana so I can pay for some nice food while in Frankfurt.)

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@Timothy Go ask him, man! I've sent you 3k manalink on discord to incentivize this trip!

@firstuserhere Thanks, got the Mana, will book the train today : )

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I'm happy to send you 2500Ṁ if you'll actually go there and ask him

If he does, it'll be pretty cool