Will there be a nuclear powerplant operating in Germany, in 2025?

Resolves yes if there is a plant delivering electricity at any point during that year.

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Doesn't it take like over 5 years to build?

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@na_pewno they could restart an existing one

What about purchasing French power?

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@tobid No, this question is only about power plants in germany.

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It seems people believe that some nuclear power plant starts up in 2025 since the market for 2024 is much lower?

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@MaxPayne thanks

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@Adam There is also the following if you want to give me better odds. 😁

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What reactors currently count as operating in germany?

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@Svenbonne As far as I can tell that should be Emsland A, Isar 2, and Neckarwestheim 2, right now.

Electricity Production | Energy-Charts

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@TimP Thanks for this clarification!

So we are just consindering industrial sized nuklear powerplants, right?

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@Svenbonne I mean there aren't really any other? But I guess I would count pretty much any nuclear powerplant.

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@TimP What about research reactors. There is at least one:


I assume NO because it is not for “power”.

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@MaxPayne Right, only powerplants.

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Does a smaller-scale research reactor count (assuming it produces electricity)? Does it have to be connected to the grid?

Like I'm guessing you meant only "baseload grid-scale power generation reactors" but one naive reading of this would say that it should resolve true if HMS Astute was docked quayside in Hamburg for some reason.

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@Adam : Ok, yeah I think it should provide power to the grid. (Though maybe to industry should count to?)

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Ah, I miss the image bot.

You make both reasonable points.

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Currently two running on standby, seems like public sentiment has changed since Russian gas became a risk:


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As a German, this market seems to be way too high. The current government decided to shut down all nuclear powerplants in 2023 and will be in power till 2025.

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@Jannik not only that, the 3 plants that were just shut down are already headed for dismantling. The 3 plants that shut down EOY 2021 are already fully inoperable because of that

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