Which of these will I, @Stralor, do by the end of June? Meta Goals Market
Jul 1
Break my Manifold streak
Attend an orgy
Change Partner or Mod status
Quit Manifold
Write a Manifolder Survey
Enter a ballpit
Start a new game project with a new team
Get a new job or paid gig
Get Ṁ600 play money
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the only one of these I'm actively working on at the moment is getting funding for a game project, but that's super unlikely to happen in <2 weeks (we've submitted initial pitches to pubs). I suppose I wouldn't count any of them out, but if I were betting I'd be exclusively betting NO on everything at this point, within my own risk tolerance

bought Ṁ150 Write a Manifolder S... NO

acc really wants you to write that survey lol

(I recommend not doing it in June 🙃)

I'm tempted to "just" pop one out because it's on the list, but I hard commit when I do one of those and it's not an insignificant endeavor. tbc it's on the list only because I did one last year that made waves, not bc I had intention of doing one again. fun to do, though!

Attend an orgy

odds of an orgy have gone down dramatically after we cancelled our plans for one at manifest

Fall to Platinum league

I keep wildly swinging up and down in leagues, sometimes earmarked to promote, sometimes to demote. and now I've invested about 1/4 of my networth in a week. this is a risky one

Complete 3 new steps (6 total) on my quest to Antarctica

Also did 1 of these! No other low-hanging fruit atm afaik, so 1/3 for now

Win 1000+ mana in a single session or tournament of poker

+3500 first time back!

@traders I'm going to turn on Add Answers for a day or so. Be cool? Be wild? Idk, I just don't wanna track a bazillion things but I'm willing to play along with shenanigans

@Stralor This is too much power...

@Joshua no promise I do them! even some on my own list I'm actively trying to not do. but you know, do it for the 'fold and all...

@Stralor shenanigans, you say...

I'm in Asheville, NC for the first time! Resolved new city, will be here for the afternoon. If anybody has recommendations for spots to hit up lmk. Currently grabbing a meal downtown and otherwise putt-ing around on foot

@Stralor (day off from the farm! managed to get most of the grit out of my fingernails. started my time here with a visit to an art gallery)

ah I have family there but I've never been. I think the Basilica is meant to be nice? and the botanic garden iirc

I think the River Arts District is also a good spot for art and coffee and a wander around

@shankypanky that's where I ended up parking! great 😃

will also have to see if the basilica or botanical gardens are in range

@Stralor had a look at the map and the Basilica should be in strolling distance! the Gardens are up by the Uni so, less likely.

@Stralor 🍲 👑

Attend Manifest

That's in June??

@Joshua whoops I'll extend the close date by a month

@Stralor @traders please adjust your bets, as I intended to have this market cover Manifest and will be extending by a month

@Stralor what? it's an end of May market!

@shankypanky I'm sorry I'm sorry

@Stralor Pat this is why we don't have long to make questions like these anymore 😖

@shankypanky ahahaha

@shankypanky if we hadn't caught it in the first ten minutes I prob would have said "oops, that one's a gimme I guess" but I think I set it to May because in my mind whether I go to Manifest or not will be decided in May and I forgot that's different from when it actually happens.

Happy to refund you a bit. We still have managrams!

@Joshua Look what just showed up in my email (also in June)

bought Ṁ15 Attend an orgy YES

@Stralor no thanks there's no satisfaction in breaking even

@Stralor that's in the middle of Manifest and I suspect you could resolve a couple of markets there lol