Will I work in Antarctica this year? Which parts of the process will happen?
Passed the background check ("EBI")
Passed the medical, drug, and dental exams
Fulfilled visa and travel prereqs
Got on first flight
"On the Ice" (Arrive in Antarctica) [I prob won't have internet down there. Resolution may be significantly delayed]
Completed full term of employment (6-ish months, apparently a not-insignificant amount of people quit early)
Accepted an offer to winter-over
Completed winter-over term

I applied to work in Antarctica for the coming austral summer. I'd LOVE to go. If I went, I would arrive October-ish. Antarctica, as you likely know, has a bunch of research bases, and I applied to go through the US program, which has 3 stations. I'm not a science PhD, but luckily for me they have need of a whole town's worth of folks to keep the lights on, the masses fed, and the shit and trash removed from the continent.

I applied for a bunch of roles in food service, lodging, waste management, and sys-ops. I've been told the jobs down there are very competitive but that those first three were my best chance. My application passed the first round of vetting for some of the food service and lodging roles, which suits me great as I like roles that allow me to have more person-to-person interaction. Then I was told to wait for a hiring manager to reach out.

I hadn't heard anything for a couple of months so I figured I was iced in the not-fun way. But today I got an email asking to schedule an interview. There was a sneaky gotcha in the request that I realized after I hit send on my response, so we'll see if the process keeps going.

What parts of this process will I succeed in? Any special resolutions (like interview gut check) will have notes in the answer. If I am informed of more steps, I'll add 'em. All of these are required and any NO can force resolution on the rest (-> NO), except stuff like "Scheduled an interview" as I have applied for multiple roles.

This market is about the 2024-2025 season, so while most of these resolve in 2024, a few of the later ones might not resolve until well into 2025 and the close date reflects this.

Happy to share more info if wanted, at my discretion ofc.

As this is an aspirational Personal Goals market, I will only bet YES and never sell. Feel free to bet against me!

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I just got a very confusing NPQ that cites a disorder I have. It states: the condition hasn't been stable for >12 months, and that would preclude me from a winter-over. Which is wild because it's been stable for years, which my doc attested to in a letter, and I wasn't even offered a winter-over.

So, anyway, it looks like I now have to point out their errors and maybe apply for an NPQ Waiver (which could take months, potentially too long).

This wasn't unexpected but the way it was presented makes me feel like they didn't even really review my medical history as thoroughly as they claimed and has me blindsided.

opened a Ṁ500 Completed full term ... YES at 95% order

yall are pretty confident in me, so I've pushed 500 mana YES limits @ 95% for everything but the winter-over options, and I'll bet up the winter-overs a bit. feel free to correct if desired

latest update:

things are progressing well now. there was another call today and I learned that starlink is basically everywhere down there these days, so all the old advice about "don't expect any internet access" isn't as true as it once was. y'all might not be able to get rid of me after all.

I think this info also has relevance for @strutheo markets:



looks like you might get starlink soon at least, hope thats better than what we read about

Update: my medical has been assessed! I have to get a waiver for a condition from my doctor, and then I should be cleared! appointment for that is set in early July

just got off an info call for the program, and figured out that I'm a "Primary" (somehow missed that originally), rather than an "Alternate". Working hard to get everything else cleared though time runs short, but it looks like it's a proper offer and I've accepted it. Resolving both of those YES.

@Stralor additional note: I discovered that I wasn't marked as an alternate for winter, so it's unlikely I'll be offered a winter over term

@Stralor congratulations!

bought Ṁ40 Fulfilled visa and t... YES

Congrats! This is really cool!

there's been two brand-new hiccups. woo

1) the gov't wants me to submit a permission form via a secure OneDrive link, but msoft's tech is broke and never sends me access links when people send those to me, ever (it's me, im the edge case for all tech to break). when asked about alternate means, the bureaucracy dug in their heels and said I have to submit that way. path forward unclear

2) my dentist doesn't have the records on file for some of the info needed. my next appt is in July and I've coordinated with the people doing the PQ vetting to get that to them then, as well as to refresh everything else on the dental sheets. However, I'm not sure if that will end up cutting it too close to hard deadlines, like if i end up needing work done, or maybe ill lose my spot in line bc of it

Acquired relevant work and skill certifications

afaik this is done. resolving

I did the fingerprinting today and sent that on its way. I don't expect any issues but who knows maybe my old explosives license will bring up questions

the last of my immediate medical appointments is this week. hoping to get the PQ packet sent off soon.

@Stralor let's do a mock interview

Sir, why do you have an explosives license?

@Odoacre because I used to set off fireworks for for a living

@Stralor we could sure use some festivals down there, might improve morale, you're hired!


festivals down there

Absolutely not. Fireworks are illegal in antarctica.

Antarctic Treaty System.

@Stralor do NOT say you want to improve morale by setting fireworks. Not knowing the treaty would likely be a turn down.

@KongoLandwalker I mean, as an explosives handler I also know that fireworks create a lot of debris and waste that's classified as hazardous when it gets wet. Absolutely not good for environment that needs to stay pristine! it's a good joke tho

update: I've almost got all my paperwork for medical stuff in order. should be ready and sent by this time next week. there might be red flags that outright NPQ ("not physically qualified") me, though my doc gave me the clear. it's likely I'll have to apply for a waiver for treated mental health stuff.

I'm also expecting the fingerprint cards to arrive soon and then I'll be able to get that sorted, hopefully before I leave town on another trip. I'm cutting it close on these deadlines.

Furthermore, I keep getting asked to verify certain background info where I'm having issues establishing contact between the investigative agency and persons from my past. I don't foresee this being a 100% blocker but it's unclear if it will be resolved perfectly.

update -

still lots of stuff to do. I've slowed on getting dental and medical check ups because calling people is my kryptonite. they're due in a few weeks.

I've also been asked to get fingerprinted, and I have a little over a week left to do that.

currently bombarded with a long list of todos for the background check and medical tests. they seem urgent, but my time available for them has been sparse

@traders as per feedback from Kongo, I intend to resolve all unsuccessful steps to NO whether they are started or not

update: I've submitted info for an initial background investigation and done a drug test

@Stralor update: I've received the packet about all the medical and dental requirements and exams. I have ~5 weeks to get that stuff sorted and submitted, iirc. That timeline might be tough; historically my dentist's office has a 6 month lead time


I have the same challenge in my bingo duel game against my friend, to visit Antarctica. Your success will define whether I will try to.

uhhh so I've got news but I don't think it resolves anything. maybe?

I received documents to fill out for pre-employment. Wasn't sent an offer letter or told I was accepted or anything, but I'm authorizing BG checks, filling out all kinds of other forms. I think it's a solidly good sign but I'm not sure how to handle that re: this market. Maybe "Passed an interview round" -> YES, then hold off on anything else?

bought Ṁ1,500 Passed an interview ... YES

@Stralor yay! 🐧