Will I eat ass in the next 24...?
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National level elections (globally)
TSwift tour dates (June 28)
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Add your own 24x ??s, but please don't ask for proof.

Inspired by the OG drive-by of a market /EduardHimpsl/will-i-eat-ass-in-the-next-24-month

All technicalities qualify:

  • Donkey meat

  • the Booty

  • Cannibalism (of the flank?)

  • ...?

(I have eaten one or more of these and would do again)

Timescales resolve from 26 Feb 2024 CE (continuous interpretation of "in"). Events resolve as I have/attend them and are limited to my activities within them (discrete interpretation of "in").

As the original was a Personal Goals question, so is this one, and I will only bet YES if I bet.

Get Ṁ200 play money
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RedLetterMedia uploads

As of today's video we're at 6 RLM uploads since I added this response, so we're 25% of the way there.

Spring days

last day for a No resolution on this one Pat 🌷
something something planting tulips as a double entendre


sold Ṁ10 Manifold Pivots NO

oops I bet NO on something. I've sold

bought Ṁ50 Days in Antarctica YES

@Stralor also minor update I think I'm at about 20/24 restaurant visits

Pat this has become a race against time - we need to arb with the Antarctica market as I don't think it's advisable to put your tongue on things while there...

@shankypanky so I'm heading to a farm in a little over a week to help out a friend. I had plans to visit a FWB on the way that fell through. alas. will there be donkeys at the farm?

AAAAA andouillette? 🇫🇷 💩 🌭

Market creations

ahem @Stralor

@shankypanky so fast

bought Ṁ500 Market creations NO

@Stralor I'm hungrier for resolution profits than you are for ass, it seems

episodes of The Daily Show

@Stralor this one should have resolved last week (unless there's something you want to tell us)


  • I have been to 17/24 restaurants (almost entirely bc of the conference)

  • 1 hotel stay

  • 23 markets

  • ?? markets since partnered

bought Ṁ20 Restaurant Visits NO

@Stralor beer status?
also, tonight is episode 24 of The Daily Show

@shankypanky uhh let's call it 8 beers. def had a few, but these days I'm mostly enjoying my wine collection

I smell a fix...

times that you eat ass
bought Ṁ200 times that you eat ass YES

This one resolves YES if you eat ass in any of the next 24 times that you eat ass.

@Stralor so are you coming to Manifest?

bought Ṁ75 Market creations NO

@Joshua spicy place to ask this question lol

@Joshua undecided. not pulling an income atm but I think I'd have fun


#playsafe 🌶💦🍑

Capsaicin, the active component of chili peppers, is an alkaloid that causes tissue irritation and burning especially upon contact with mucous membranes.

@DanWilson1757 kinkshaming disguised as medical advice 🤔 🌶 🌶 🌶

@shankypanky nice burn 🔥 🔥🔥

@Stralor ✋️🛑

㊙️do you know what "atm" stands for in the "industry"?

@AnnaCherry - care to explain? 🥶

@DanWilson1757 ... is it a fin sub?

@Stralor *** to mouth

@DanWilson1757 perf. alas also not doing that right now, much less for income

@Stralor you know I know you knew

Master of the puns this guy.👆

The call him the Puntificator.

@Stralor enough of the hijinx.... there's a lady in the room.

See ya at 🎰🃏❤️♠️♣️💎🧊🧊🧊🧊

@Stralor have structube play this epic 🔥👨‍🚒 LIVE onstream on TUMBLES FINAncial cOmpLeX crashes and burns in 🔥 📛

We might even need a @fire_fighter for THIS one 🚨🚨🚨🚨🧜‍♀️


@DanWilson1757 I don't get it - what are those asterisks for?

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@MAkEMonKeYmAKeMaNA Sorry what why was I tagged here?


Medical advice about Capsaicin and mucous membranes.

You have the floor

@MAkEMonKeYmAKeMaNA I asked Bing AI "Write an eminem-style rap about Capsaicin and mucous membranes"
(my personal recommendation on background beat
Eminem - The Real Slim Shady (Instrumental) (youtube.com))

(Verse 1) Yeah, I’m spitting fire, hotter than the sun,
Capsaicin in my veins, watch me come undone.
Mucous membranes burn, they can’t handle the heat,
Chili peppers got ‘em sweatin’, dancing to the beat.

I’m the ghost pepper reppin’, Carolina Reaper steppin’,
Got your taste buds screamin’, no time for second guessin’.
Capsaicin’s my weapon, tearin’ through your defenses,
Mucous membranes quiver, feel the intense pretenses.

(Chorus) Capsaicin, capsaicin, set the world ablaze,
Mucous membranes tremble, caught up in the maze.
From jalapeños to habaneros, it’s a spicy craze,
Heatwaves in my lyrics, ignite the smoky haze.

(Verse 2) I’m the Scoville scale ruler, measuring the pain,
Ghost chili rhymes, searing through your brain.
Mucous membranes weep, they’re begging for relief,
But I keep spitting flames, no room for disbelief.

Red hot flow, like a habanero inferno,
Capsaicin’s my muse, watch the drama unfold.
Mucous membranes scream, they’re caught in my grip,
I’m the lyrical dragon, burning ships on this trip.

(Chorus) Capsaicin, capsaicin, set the world ablaze,
Mucous membranes tremble, caught up in the maze.
From jalapeños to habaneros, it’s a spicy craze,
Heatwaves in my lyrics, ignite the smoky haze.

(Bridge) I’m the Carolina Reaper, the rhyme scheme keeper,
Capsaicin dreams, got you diving deeper.
Mucous membranes quiver, they’re my captive crowd,
As I drop fiery verses, they scream out loud.

(Verse 3) I’m the habanero hero, the chili pepper poet,
Capsaicin lines, scorching hot, don’t you know it?
Mucous membranes plead, but I won’t back down,
Spitting lava bars, watch 'em hit the ground.

Ghost pepper metaphors, serrano similes,
Capsaicin syllables, burning through the centuries.
Mucous membranes gasp, they’re my captive stage,
hear me rap, set the world ablaze.

(Chorus) Capsaicin, capsaicin, set the world ablaze,
Mucous membranes tremble, caught up in the maze.
From jalapeños to habaneros, it’s a spicy craze,
Heatwaves in my lyrics, ignite the smoky haze.

(Outro) Yeah, I’m the chili rhyme slinger, the capsaicin bringer,
Mucous membranes scarred, but my fire still lingers.
So if you’re ready for the burn, step into my zone,
Capsaicin and mucous membranes, welcome to my throne. 🔥🎤


You are God tier now 🔥

@DanWilson1757 ATM in a sexual/adult biz context stands for "ass-to-mouth", describing any act of putting something in the bootyhole and then directly in the mouth

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