Will I accept a new job offer by the end of the year?
resolved Dec 31

I am a very varied person with a long history of being self-taught. I like to explore new things, I seek challenge, and I've been known to have uncanny insights into stuff people wouldn't expect. In the past that has meant changing careers, starting companies, moving around the world, and tackling challenges I'm in no way prepared for. But I'm also quite lost in my life right now and looking for new opportunities.

For the past 12-ish years, I've spent most of my time as a game developer. I'm a generalist developer with excellent design knowledge and a penchant for emergent systems and economies, who also does writing, 2D art, bizdev, publishing, community work, production management, team leadership, consulting... (clearly too many things). Usually I get hired for my talent as a C# programmer / architect.

I consider gamedev my "third career", with the first two being when I was doing work as a fireworks technician / explosives handler and, before that, as a theatrical designer & technician (lighting, set, and A/V, mostly). Over the years, I've also done professional work in:

  • event management

  • graphic design

  • teaching

  • flooring, roofing, general construction

  • nonprofits

  • writing and editing

  • lifeguarding

  • retail and service

  • the performing arts

  • and more (this list is definitely inexhaustive and unsorted 🙃 )

Left to my own devices, I'll probably keep looking around in games, as being around other gamedevs is uniquely fulfilling for me, but more and more I'm looking for roles that emphasize making people thrive in their community, whether that's as a user advocate, in a team wellness and support role, or in more event management (exhibitions, conferences, etc.), especially face-to-face roles.

Will I find something that aligns with my needs, my goals, or both?

I will be using this market as a personal commitment device; I will only bet YES. However, I tend to be a creature of inertia: when at rest I stay at rest and when moving towards change I flip the table. I'm in an unsatisfying period of rest right now, so my true credence is around 20-30%.

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any new insights here? 👀

(thanks for sharing your story btw!)

predicted YES

@shankypanky nope, life is staying steady. I don't foresee new conversations starting over the holidays, and there are no unanswered offers. I consider this almost guaranteed to resolve NO.

bought Ṁ300 of NO

here's to that at-rest inertia 👊

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@shankypanky 😅👊

bought Ṁ100 of YES

bought some more motivation. thought traders should have a ratio above 50%, even if it shouldn't be that high


@Stralor Has your true credence updated or are you buying more motivation?

predicted YES

@june motivation! :)

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