Will an AI-generated movie be nominated for an Oscar before 2030?

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At least one movie with footage that is entirely generated by a text-to-video AI is nominated for an Oscar before 2030. Everything else can be done by humans, including music score, script-writing, dialogue and editing, provided all of the original footage is AI-generated. The movie can be nominated in any category.

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I find it really hard to believe that an awards show that celebrates artists would nominate a movie with footage that is fully generated by AI. Even if the work is great, there seems to be such an anathema to AI within the artist community, that I think this will be very hard to accomplish.

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@StrayClimb okay, no because 1) there are other visual effects manually applied 2) it's just animification of real life frames

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no info on if it's exclusively generated with AI (I'm assuming no...) but related:

Prominent Web3 artists Emily Yang (also known as ‘pplpleasr‘) and Maciej Kuciara teamed up with the AI startup Kaiber to animate a breathtaking new AI-generated music video for Linkin Park’s previously unreleased Meteora-era banger.

Pplpleasr and Kuciara are the co-founders of the Web3 video platform Shibuya.

Using an AI-powered graphics engine, Kaiber allows users to create new video based on a prompt that describes their ideal version of a potential video, followed by a number of different style options for users to select from. 


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AI's opinion:

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Is dialogue the only input to the AI ? What about screenplay ? Costume design? Music score ? Direction? Scene composition and camera placement? The list goes on.

My point is there's a lot that goes into making a movie and "dialogue, voices and editing" are somewhat arbitrary things to pick to allow for human intervention

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@Odoacre Good points. What I had in mind is that the original footage must be generated using only text to video models. Everything else can be done by a human.

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What if footage is stitched together? If edited? If individual frames modified in Photoshop?

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@StrayClimb The movie can be edited but the original footage must be completely AI-generated, rather than animated or filmed by a human. Sound fair?